Welcome to our new blog, from Millie

Take a Gander

We’re excited to launch our new blog – TAKE A GANDER where Tessa, Mrs Goose and I will be writing to you guys about all sorts of different things including new recipes, our favourite restaurants and bars, tricks of the trade and lots of new event ideas and venues. We’ll also be doing our fave event of the season! This could be you!

Please do take your time to have a look around it and be sure to check out the gallery as them alone tell you all you need to know about the goose, the team and of course the food!

After a busy winter of shoot dinners and fine dining between country homes, big kitchens and the warmth of toasty and trusty AGA’s, we are delighted to be back out in the heart of the countryside with our Summer season; hopefully not starting the season with the girls pushing the little van in and out of a muddy field. Very much looking forward to a better summer with lots of sunshine… and so far the weather man is delivering!